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Alice Jansma
284 N. Briggs Road
Middleville, Michigan 49333
Fax: 269-795-2388
·        Summer tax bills are mailed out the first week in July and are due September 14th. Summer taxes are charged 1% interest on September 15th, and the 1st of every month thereafter until paid. 
·        Winter tax bills are mailed out the first week of December, and the due date is either February 14th or the last day of February, depending on the Township Boards yearly direction. If winter taxes are determined late after February 14th by the Township Board, a 3% penalty will be applied to taxes paid after February 14th thru the last day of February. These due dates will be extended to the next business day when they occur on either a Saturday or Sunday.
·         Please CHECK for the due date on every bill as it may change from year to year, or call the Township office.  
·        Please do not wait until the last minute if paying your property tax by mail. The Township can not recognize “POST MARKS” AS THE DATE TAX PAYMENTS ARE RECEIVED.
·        If it has gone past the second week of July, or the second week of December, and you haven’t received your respective season tax bill, please call or contact the Township office as soon as possible to receive a duplicate copy. 
·        If your mortgage company is listed on your tax bill, a copy has been sent to them, however, it is still the  responsibility of the property owner to make sure the taxes due are paid on time.
·        The Township Treasurer cannot accept payment of real estate property taxes, after midnight, the last day of February. After that time, the delinquent roll will be sent to the  Barry County 
Treasurer and the taxes can then only be paid to the Barry County Treasurer.
·        Property taxes may be paid by mail, or placed in the secure lock box beside the Township offices' North entry door.  Please call the township office if it is necessary for you to pay your taxes by some other means or time, and I will make every effort to accommodate.
·        Homestead Exemption Affidavits must be filed with the Township Assessor by May 1st. Homeowners must occupy their home by May 1st in order to be eligible for the Homestead Exemption for that entire calendar year. If on the line of your tax bill “% Declared as Homestead”, is followed by 100.0000, you are receiving the maximum Homestead Exemption.
·        The Taxable Value of your property is set by formula and the Township Supervisor/Assessor, and is reported annually to you by the Assessment Change Notice which is mailed to you in February. If you do not agree with your assessment, you will need to make a request to the Board of Review to change it. Contact the Township Supervisor/Assessor as soon as possible, the Board of Review convenes early in March to hear such requests.
 ** Summer deferment forms can be found by clicking on this link.  Summer deferment.