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Before any construction begins, the following permits may be required:
  • Sewer and  possibly water permits are available from Gun Lake Water and Sewer.  Website :
  • Zoning, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical permits from Professional Code Inspections (PCI) at 110 W. Center Street, Suite A, Hastings, MI 49058. These permits may be obtained only after the Zoning Permit  has been approved.  Office:  269-948-4088.  Website:
  • Soil and Erosion Permits from Barry County Planning/Zoning.  Office:  269-945-1290.  Website:
  • Well and septic permits from the Barry-Eaton Health Department at 330 W. Woodlawn Avenue, Hastings, MI 49058.  Office:  269-945-9516.  Website:
  • Please view our ordinances at
Did you need an approved Site Plan Review for all sheds, storage buildings, fencing, structural remodeling, decks, additions, etc., and swimming pools.