Yankee Springs Township

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Planning Commission
Agenda and Minutes
Zoning Board of Appeals
Agenda and Minutes
Yankee Springs Property Database
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Public Documents

This is a library of documents, forms, and minutes available for review and use. The files are in PDF format, requiring Adobe Reader to view them.  Some files may be large and take a little longer than normal to download.




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•  Application for Employment
•  Assessing Forms
•  Board of Review
•  Budget Reports
•  Complaints
•  Election Forms
•  Emergency Services
•  Fences
•  Gun Lake Area Sewer and Water Authority
•  Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
•  Maps
•  Master Plan
•  Miscellaneous Forms
•  Parks and Recreation Plan
•  Planning Commission Agenda and Minutes
•  Short Term Rentals
•  Storm Water Education
•  Summer Tax Deferment Form
•  Tax Information Access
•  Veteran's Memorial
•  Zoning Ordinance
•  Zoning Forms
2024 ECF Data    
2024 Land Data    
2023 Land data    
2023 ECF data    
2022 land data    
2022 ECF data    
2022 Eligible Manufacturing Personal Property form 5278    
2022 Small Taxpayer Exemption form 5076    
2022 Personal Property Statement form 632    
Poverty Exemption-Taxpayer Fact Sheet    
Poverty Exemption Affirmation of Ownership and Occupancy    
Poverty Exemption Application 01-2021    
2021 form 5278 Eligible Manufacturing Personal Property    
2021 Small Taxpayer Exemption form 5076    
2021 Personal Property Statement    
2020 Personal Property Statement    
2020 Small Taxpayer Exemption form 5076    
Property Transfer Affidavit    
Transfer of Ownership Guidelines    
PRE - Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit    
Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption    
Conditional Rescission of Principal Residence Exemption    
Principal Residence Exemption FAQ's    
Disabled Veteran Exemption FAQ's    
Poverty Exemption Affidavit-No income tax filed    
Non-Consideration for Maintenance Expenditures    
PA 260 - Agricultural Affidavit    
Agricultural Exemption from School Operating Tax    
Board of Review Petition (L-4035)    
PRE Active Duty Military    
Conditional Rescission Frequently Asked Questions    
Disabled Veteran Affidavit    
Disabled Veteran - 2013 Bulletin from State Tax Comm    
Disabled Veteran STC memo regarding 2013 only