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Recycling Information




Yankee Springs Township offers several recycling options for the
residents of Yankee Springs Township.

The recycling bins are for Yankee Springs Township residents only because the residents/taxpayers pay the $40,000 to $45,000 annual cost for this service.

  1. APapergator.  The Papergator accepts clean newsprint, catalogs and magazines, junk mail, phone books, office/school paper, and hard and soft cover books.  Corrugated cardboard is not allowed in the papergator. Paperboard (gift box, cereal box cardboard) is allowed in the papergator. This container is emptied every week on Thursday.  For further information, please see the Papergator website.
  2. A Metal recycle container.  Please put all kinds ofclean metal into the metal recycler.  This includes tin cans, any other metal containers and aluminum. Please do not put non-metallic items in this bin. Electronics such as TVs cannot be recycled in this bin. The township does not provide electronics recycling.
  3. A General recycle container.  Please put all clean and flattened cardboard, plastic containers, milk jugs, and glass jars with lids removed into this container.  This container is emptied twice a week on Monday and Friday mornings. Two containers are supplied on weekends during the busy summer months and some weekends during the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays to handle the additional recycling volume.

Do not put any plastic bags in the recycle containers or leave them outside of the containers.  All plastic bags should go directly into your trash or be recycled at a facility that accepts them!! Do not put your recyclables in plastic bags and then put the bag in the bin! Plastic bags cause problems at the processing facility and are not recycled.

Please do not leave any items outside of the bins. 
If the bins are full, please return later with your recyclables.

It is against the law, and you can be fined for littering/dumping if you leave anything outside any of the bins. You must reduce items you wish to recycle to a size that fits through the window into the bin.

Anything left outside the bins is thrown in the trash. It is not recycled. Nothing is gained by leaving items outside the bins and you may be fined, so please do not do this.


This type of material cannot be accepted by the township because they cannot be recycled by the recycling facility we use. Boat shrink wrap (not tarps) can be recycled through the program shown below. 


§  Program information: <span style="font-size:13.0pt;font-family:" lato",sans-serif;="" color:#4a4a4a"="">Recycling Run Program For questions or additional information,
please contact Dr. Shrink, Inc. at (800) 968-5147 or

§  Recycle Run Flyer 2022 (PDF)

§  Recycle Run Registration Form (PDF)

§  Ordering bags online:  <span style="font-size:13.0pt;font-family:" lato",sans-serif;="" color:#4a4a4a"="">EZ-Fill Recycling Bags

§  YouTube video: <span style="font-size:13.0pt;font-family:" lato",sans-serif;="" color:#4a4a4a"="">Simple Steps to Recycling Shrink Wrap (YouTube) – Includes footage
of proper removal and bagging of shrink-wrap.


Our township properties are now covered 24/7/365 by security camears!

In addition, the Barry County Health Department offers a Household Hazardous Waste collection two Saturdays per year, in May and September, at the Barry County Fairgrounds, 1350 N M-37 Highway.    Among the items collected are:

  1. Household and Automobile Batteries.
  2. Aerosol cans.
  3. Pesticides and chemicals.
  4. Oil-based Paints.
  5. Acids and solvents.
  6. Prescription Drugs and over the counter medicines with original labels attached.
  7. Motor Oil.
  8. Tubular fluorescent and CFL bulbs.

Also scrap and junk tires are collected for a nominal disposal fee at the Barry County Fairgrounds.  For further information, please see the Barry County Health Department website.

Motor Oil recycling is available at the Elite Auto Clinic of Gun Lake located at 12223 W M-179.  Please call 269-795-9277 for hours of operation.

For Electronics recycling, please see