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ADA compliance information

Welcome to
Yankee Springs Township

Our Township Park & Township Hall/Offices comply to the:
2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design Act.
And the Architectural-Barriers Act.

In the expansive Yankee Springs Township Park, inclusivity is evident through a range of accessible features designed to overcome physical barriers. These enhancements reflect considerate design and a dedication to ensuring an immersive experience for all park patrons.

Upon entering the park, the foresight invested in accommodating different modes of transportation is apparent. Van Accessible parking spaces, strategically positioned with access aisles, represent a thoughtful approach to mobility. These designated spots offer ample room for vehicular ingress and egress, extending an invitation to all visitors, regardless of their mode of transportation.

Traversing the park’s terrain is made seamless through the integration of the five-foot-wide accessible pathways. These pathways serve as the connective tissue of the park’s landscape, facilitating unhindered movement between various path facilities. The deliberate width ensures an unobstructed passage, providing a liberating experience for individuals with diverse mobility needs.

*Note the above 5-foot-wide trail that circumnavigates our Park. ‘Half Mile, Barrier Free Existence’.

The architectural ethos of inclusivity is exemplified in the design of the pavilion. A no-step entrance welcomes all into its sheltering embrace, conveying a message of accessibility. The pavilion’s accessible picnic tables further emphasize this commitment, providing a communal space that fosters shared experiences and camaraderie.